Balcony repair

ElaProof – by far the most economical balcony floor repair method

The pre-cut wear-resistant balcony covering is bonded to the balcony floor with ElaProof-mass. The elastic compounding sealant compensates any unevenness and cracks and a long lasting watertight connection is formed.


  • the balcony floor does not have to be sandblasted – a lighter cleaning is sufficient
  • Rusted reinforcements do not need to be removed – the ElaProof mass stops the corrosion and the rusting can not progress through the sealing
  • The balcony floors do not need to be dried, ElaProof can be applied to the moist cleaned floor
  • The few working steps shorten the repair time and the balcony can only be used again after a few days
  • The elimination of several work steps shortens the working time and workload
  • A large part of the installation costs can be saved
  • The balconies do not need to be protected with dust covers


  • a wear-resistant and slip resistant solution for decades
  • the elegant, individual covers meets the wishes of the resident
  • the floor feels warm – the method can be realized without metallic grates
  • the floors can be cleaned in the simplest way

The balcony floor repair method with ElaProof is patented.

Balcony schematic

Schematic picture of the balcony repair concept.



  • Balcony floor repair
    Balcony floor repair