ELAPROOF – the elastic protective coating

ElaProof – elastic, ecological and safe for people and the environment

Easy-to-use single-component ElaProof creates an elastic waterproof protective layer for most construction surfaces. Typical uses of the ElaProof coating include, for example, anticorrosion protection, repair of roofs and structures, waterproofing of plinths and socle walls, waterproofing bathrooms and sanitary cabins, sealing of ducts, grommets and concrete ponds, as well as controlling water flows and stopping rust.


  • forms an extremely durable, elastic, breathing, waterproof coating in the desired thickness on different surfaces
  • can be sprayed or painted onto porous, reticulate or fibrous materials (such as Leca pore concrete blocks, sheetrock panel surfaces, filter or reinforcing fabrics and mineral wool)
  • connects different solids permanently
  • adheres to all surfaces in the construction industry – both wet and dry
  • fills and seals cracks or holes (crack bridging approx. 10 mm 0.6 mm thick layer)
  • can be laminated with various porous, reticulate or fibrous materials ElaProof
  • dries quickly – in three to four a 1 mm thick dust-dried coating is formed (+20° C)
  • can be painted, covered or otherwise covered
  • Is completely ecologically, solvent free and contains no poisons that would be detrimental to people, nature or building structures

ElaProof products


ElaProof is a Finnish product for which a patent application has been filed.

Based on several years of experience and extensive testing, we know that ElaProof

  • retains its elasticity and sealing capacity decades
  • stops the progress of erosion and corrosion in the components
  • resists excellent weather and many chemicals
  • combines different materials in a sustainable way

ElaProof brochure 2018

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