ElaProof H

ElaProof H – Elastomeric mass (rubbery) applied with hand tools for medium-sized surfaces and at home

ElaProof H is functionally safe and easy solution as surface coating used for smooth and porous materials (e.g., Leca pore concrete blocks, sheetrock panel, etc.)

  • for waterproofing usage
  • local seals of leaks
  • for sealing of feedthroughs
  • for repair and seal holes, cracks and crevices, etc.
  • for corrosion protection and to repair rust damage
  • for elastic coatings
  • for water diversions and protection against rinsing
  • for permanently connecting various materials (such as wood and concrete)

ElaProof H

  • can be diluted with water, completely solvent- and poison-free, and it does not contain substances which are harmful to humans, environment or building structures
  • is an European product

ElaProof H

  • Adheres to a wide variety of building surfaces – moist and dry
  • Dries quickly
  • A membrane / layer is formed during drying
    • it is water proof
    • it elastically conforms to the surfaces defined by e.g. expansion
    • it breathes – allows water vapor through but no liquids
    • it allows crack bridging (approx. 10 mm 0.6 mm thick layer)
    • it stops corrosion
    • it retains the tightness and elasticity for decades
  • The mechanical surface strength can be increased by laminating reinforcing fabric (e.g., filter fabric)
    • the freshly applied coating may be covered, tiled or clipped
    • the dried coating may, if desired, be sanded and applied with the desired color
ElaProof coating 5L


Applying ElaProof H-mass – please follow the instructions on the web pages! 

  • Can be applied very easily with a brush or spatula
  • The product is non-toxic and therefore no respiratory protection or special protective devices are necessary
  • The surface is cleaned with high-pressure cleaner or brush of loose dirt, leaves or sand before application
  • ElaProof adheres adequately (about 1 – 4 N / mm²) to the structures and therefore the surface does not need to be absolutely clean because small impurities are encapsulated under the coating.
  • E.g. thin rust layers do not need to be removed because of excellent adhesion.
  • The amount applied depends on the smoothness and porosity of the surface. A sufficiently thick coating is normally achieved with 1 l /m² for smooth and with 2 l /m² for particularly rough concrete structures.
  • A 1 mm thick concrete coating dries out at room temperature in three to four hours. The thicker the coating the longer the drying time.

The durability of the ElaProof H-mass

  • The ElaProof H remains in the unopened container over 12 months durable.
  • ElaProof H-mass shall not freeze.
  • The opened ElaProof H container must be protected with the lid before drying out.
  • The oxidation of the mass surface in the opened container can be prevented by sealing with a plastic film.