ElaProof S

Sprayable elastomer for large-area surfaces

Cost-effective, durable and long-lasting solution

  • for waterproofing and damp proofing, also as a seal in buildings and structures (damp rooms, roofs, plinths, foundations, inner courtyards, basins, Leca pore concrete blocks, sheetrock surfaces, filter or reinforcing fabrics and mineral wool)
  • strengthening of water channels
  • to stop progressive erosion and corrosion in components

ElaProof S

  • can be applied very well to damp and dry surfaces – no prior drying is necessary
  • can be sprayed on surfaces in all positions
  • dries very quickly
  • can be sprayed in different thicknesses
  • the coated surface
    • breathes – allows water vapor through but no liquids
    • is elastic – bridges cracks and adheres to the base material without tearing
    •  has no joints
    • is not slippery, even in the rain
    • can be laminated or coated with a wide range of materials
  • The ElaProof coating is
    • Long lasting
    • Is environmentally, solvent free and contains no toxins that would be harmful to   humans, nature or building structures

ElaProof S – Spraying

  • The surface is washed with a high pressure cleaner prior to spraying to remove the eroded and soiled layers.
  • ElaProof S is sprayed with a high pressure of 300 – 400 bar.
  • The best surface quality is achieved at a distance of less than 6 m.
  • We recommend to carry out the spraying with the Jaguar 75-150 high pressure piston pump together with the Kaeser M26 mobile compressor.
  • Build Care Ltd. organizes training courses to ensure a flawless, durable and high-quality coating quality.


ElaProof S

Sprayable ElaProof S

Spraying of ElaProof-S on the roof structures